Fertilizing newly re potted trees

(BERT) #1


I just re potted some of my trees two weekends ago. I have kept them in a roofed area with skylight in our patio so it wont be exposed to the cold nights we have been having lately. I also wrapped the pots with towels. I plan to put them out as soon as our weather gets warmer. Am I doing it right so far ? My question is how many weeks after bringing them out can I start to fertilize ( assuming they survive ). I was planning to use a 2-4-2 fert to encourage root growth since I had to trim roots to either make them fit in the pots or the bulk of roots is too far down from the first branch (hence the survive comment).

Bert ( Vallejo)

(Jonas Dupuich) #2

The repotted trees can possibly go outside now - I only protect repotted conifers when temps drop below freezing. No need for towels either - the sun hitting the pots will help stimulate root growth.

As for feeding, I usually wait at least 4 weeks after repotting. And if you’re concerned about the health of the tree, I’d wait to start feeding until after you see evidence that the tree is growing.