Ficus ID needed. What kind is it?

During my jog tonight, I took some ficus cuttings from the city street. Probably a common ficus (I live in SoCal).

First, I broke some cuttings off from a dark green ficus; but then I saw this lime green one and took these instead.

On the street, there are many very tall ficuses, maybe +30ft. But, there are also a lot of very small ones next to them, only 6-10ft.

I took cuttings from the smaller ones. Idk if its’ smaller size is due to just younger age, or if it’s truly some kinda dwarf (or, also maybe just less sunshine).

I also took a few pyracantha cuttings 3 wks ago, also during my jog. Lol

There’s a chance it’s ficus benjamina, but I’d want to hear from someone with a lot of tropical plant experience.

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Yeah, that’s what I was thinking after researching it.

I guess they’re super easy to root like succulents (even in water) and grow super big and have invasive roots; so I’ll make sure not to put them in the ground, lol. Dunno if they’re even worth pursuing/growing.

I spotted another interesting set of trees in my jogs… it may be a crepe myrtle. Not too sure (leaves look similar to a ficus, but a tad different). It is about 12-15’ tall, planted below huge 20-30’ trees (so maybe a dwarf… because I’m thinking it’s unwise to plant a tree below another tree), very very upright “vase” shaped with sprouts growing very upwards (so I’m thinking maybe not a ficus…because ficus have slightly droopy/weeping sprouts), and the trunk looks smooth like a myrtle iirc. I forgot what it looked liked last bloom. I am thinking of taking cuttings from it too, lol. Just hope it isn’t a ficus. If it’s a myrtle, I’m def taking cuttings.