Field Growing Soil Amendments?

Hi All-

My new home has a nice little walled garden area that I’ve slowly been turning into a work area for my trees and other gardening habits. It’s got a concrete floor, but one corner has a 10’ x 10’ area of plain ol’ soil, where a cedar tree used to live many decades ago (I just removed the old stump last weekend, or rather, the leftover fatwood that was under the soil).

I’d like to use this are to plant trees for “field-grown” development in between pottings. Does anyone have a suggestion for the type of soil amendment I should make to optimize conditions? Should I plant the trees like I would normally set a landscape specimen, but backfill the hole with bonsai soil? Should I just use plain ol’ topsoil, or some other?



There are lots of approaches to growing trees in the ground. Using the soil you have can work (unless the drainage is awful), as can raised beds with pumice or used bonsai soil.

I’d likely start with the garden soil and see how it goes. And if you’re particularly curious about trying another soil, plant a row or two with something else.

Thanks, Jonas. I’ll post some pictures of any success I have!

I have found it really worth while to place a tile under the tree to force the roots horizontal for the initial growth. This is so helpful when you want to pot up the tree and saves a lot of root pruning

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