Field grown Black Pine sources

(Keith) #1

Trying to compile a list of pine growers in the US, preferably ones that ship. Here are the ones I’ve located. Please add ones that I have missed.
Muranaka (eBay) CA
Brent (evergreengarden) CA
Chris (TelFarms) OR
Lone Pine Gardens
Bonsai NW (may not ship to east coast)

I’ve heard of others off the grid but locating them is challenging.


(Jonas Dupuich) #3

Kenji Miyata produces black pine specimen bonsai, but I don’t know that he ships. I regularly grow pines but tend to sell them locally.

For young seedling cuttings, I’d recommend Mark Comstock (pre-bonsai Mark) - you can find him on Facebook.

(Sely) #4

I grow pines and grafted pines but sell it locally in Dallas-Fort Worth as well and prefer not to ship. You can search Wabi Sabi Bonsai he ships and sells grafted pines, Dave Dewire is his name.