Field Maple Cutting Stem Discoloration

i just guessed the donor was a field maple. anyway, i was wondering if i should use some of the Deconil i have on hand to combat what i think is some kind of fungus on the stems of these cuttings? im in Alabama, so it get dark and rains a lot. i took these cuttings on june 8th. dipped in dip n grow for five minutes and then under a dome. i took the dome off when they went all the way green around a month. around the first week of july i started seeing this discoloration on the stems. i had aready started feeding them at the end of june. theyve also gotten Recharge. yesterday i found one of them knocked over but it didn’t fall out. looking inside i saw a lot of white roots trying to touch the edge of the pot, so i know they have root balls already.
progression from june 8 till july 22

june 22

july 22

Good question, I’m not sure what that is. The splotchy patches do suggest fungus or a problem with the roots. Is it possible the roots are staying too wet?

over watering is definitely what i believe led to this condition. there has been a lot of random showers and storms these past weeks. im going to try to get these guys under some cover so they can dry out better.

Sounds good. Am not sure if Daconyl can damage young tissue, but if you see no warnings, it could be worth a test on one of the cuttings. A zerotol dip could be another approach to try.

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i sprayed these guys with deconil back in july and it seemed to stop whatever was affecting them. it might have came frome the moss i used to hold the cuttings up better in the cups. looks like the stems have hardened off some. looking forward to fall.

That’s great to see - had been curious how that’d turn out. Thanks for the update!

they made it through winter

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Nice healthy growth, looks like they recovered nicely