Fir buds damaged

One of my subalpine firs and a couple of young Doug firs have incurred some damage to buds that just opened. We had a hard frost along with a snow storm a couple of weeks ago, so it may be frost damage, but some buds on the same trees have developed just fine. I’d appreciate any diagnosis and have added a photo of the subalpine fir. Thanks!

Damage from the cold would be my first guess, though I’m not familiar enough with the varieties - or the cold! - to know for sure. How’s the overall health of the trees? And have they been repotted lately?

Yes, the subalpine was repotted in late April. Never thought about that jeopardizing the buds. They’re otherwise quite healthy, in fact the subalpine has put out a second flush of growth each of the last two summers.

If the trees seem to be growing well everywhere else, I don’t know that I’d worry much at this point, but it would be interesting to hear from anyone who’s seen the same thing in their trees.

Better late than never, I suppose: this was definitely frost damage, saw it on these species all throughout the forests around here, old and young trees alike.

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