Fish and/or seaweed fertilizer as insecterside?

(Paul) #1

I have been told ( and tried) that by soaking trees as well as soil when fertilizing with a fish and seaweed fertilizer many vermin will be killed. I tried it last year and I will say that I had fewer problems. Has any one else tried this and had success?
I’m wondering why it seems to works? Could it be the oils in these fertilizer products?

(Jeremiah Lee ) #2

I have heard of using Fish Fert before along with several other non-chemical options. Personally I would not use the Fish emulsion on the foliage and bark, just because of the smell and It could have an affect on rotting the bark of your trees. I do like the idea of spraying all non-chemical, however it also worries me that it might not be enough at times. Currently I spray chemicals every couple months, however I’d like to experiment with some non chemical options and move towards the non-chemical route. Is there a reason you like using fish fert for this purpose? I do like it for fertilizer.

(Paul) #3

I have had no problem with smells because smells just doesn’t last long. I have heard of one well established nursery that uses it as a spray fertilizer and soak the whole tree as well as the soil and roots. I don’t think they would use it if it rotted bark or marked up trees in any way. I was also told that they don’t use it as a foliage feed but as a vermin preventative as well as a fertilizer. It also supplies many minerals to the tree thru the

(John) #4

I’m not sure what you are eliminating. I use Pyrethrin for most insect control. It’s not a chemical base. It’s more of a natural product. I’ll try to attach a photo of the product. Garden safe. It is not a fertilizer though. Just for insect control.

I use it to eliminate Scales, Apihids, Knats and other insects on my trees both in growing boxes and out in my growing ground garden area for trees. No harm to the trees.

(John) #5

Here’s the back of the container.

(Bruce Winter) #6

Fish emulsion drying on leaves and bark doesn’t seem like a good idea. But seaweed is another story and has many benificial properties topically.

(John) #7

I use this Fish and Seaweed product as a fertilizer.

(Paul) #8

I use all there products including crushed crab shells. They are local for me
but they are available on
They also have fact sheets for most of there products.