Flash flood / heavy rain aftercare

We recently had a sudden downpour here in SF and I managed to rush home in time to pull my trees out of the flooding courtyard. The pots of the shohin were unfortunately totally submerged. I drained them and started drying the soil out, and plan to remove the top layer of soil and replace it, since the fertilizer pellets were all pounded into a paste and debris was washed into the pots. Is there anything else I should do? I’m considering flushing the soil with clean water too, since the flood water was really filthy! Anyone else run into such a situation? I need to remember to put them up higher in case this happens again, though this kind of rain usually happens less than once per year around here.

If the floodwater is questionable rinsing (by heavy watering) is a good idea. As for the fertilizer, you can replace the top layer of soil - that’s common practice this time of year anyway. Beyond that, not watering until the tree begins to dry out is the most important thing.

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