Form of chaenomeles

hi I would like form this kind of bonsai of chaenomeles, but I do not known what do i do to form much branches from the base.and so convulated.

It looks like the swirling trunks in the upper photo are exposed roots. These can be developed by exposing more and more roots during successive repottings and encouraging the roots to grow in an intertwined fashion (by intertwining them during repotting).

Another approach would be a variation on the following:
(see section on creating exposed root pines)

I hope you succeed - I’d love to see more trees like this!

and what do i do for foment the appearance of the branches so close from the base .
by the way nice article the pine.

The short answer is that new shoots appear when you cut back a branch. Beautiful trees like these would be a good 15-20 year project.