Fukien Tea Trees

I have always loved the look of these Chinese plants. The glossy leaves and the unique texture to the bark are really appealing to me.

This first one is 14 years old. About 2.5 months ago it started losing leaves and eventually got down to about a dozen or so. I tried many things to stop it but eventually repotted in a better draining soil and it has improved. I am going to leave it outside while it’s warm in hopes it will get its vigor back. Maybe the trunk can thicken a bit as well.

This is the child of the first plant. Fukien teas get little red berries and if they are fertilized you can grow them. This plant is a year old.

These are a couple I picked up from Home Depot of all places. plants this size in my local nursery fetch about around $60/ea. These cost $20/ea. I might try cutting the smaller of the two back to about 2 or three inches to see if I can get an informal upright tree going on.

It looks like the tree is gaining vigor!

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