Future Topic on Hinomaru Azalea Bonsai

(Joseph A Rico) #1

Recently acquired a Hinomaru Azalea bonsai and it is in transit at the moment. My first time dealing with acid-loving bonsai although I have a few Crape Myrtles and azaleas on the ground. What is the best way to maintain acidic environment/soil for these beautiful plants? Likewise, please expound on care and maintenance for azalea bonsai. Thank you.

(Jonas Dupuich) #2

One way to provide acidic soil is to use 100% kanuma. This soil is popular in the US and Japan for satsuki.

Another option is to use acidifying fertilizer like Miracid.

As for basic care, azaleas like warm, but not hot, weather. If it gets hot where you live, putting the tree in a shaded area or under shade cloth can help. They don’t like cold either and should be protected from freezing weather in winter.

The roots are very fine on azaleas so watering must be done carefully. Keeping satsuki too wet or dry can cause problems and weaken the tree. Wind is also stressful for azaleas so finding a protected spot in the garden for them can help.

(Joseph A Rico) #3

Thank you!!! Great information!