Generic Ume / Prunus Mume any attractive? White Ume (Shiro Kaga) and Pink Ume (Koume)

I bought 2 Ume “whips” for in-ground garden trees in Jan 2019, before I knew any better and before I knew of the nicer bonsai cultivars (like Beni Chidori, Kobai, WB Clarke, Matsubara Red, Hokkai Bungo, Omoi no Mama, etc.).

The 2 ume whips I got were from TreesofAntiquity online store - a White Ume (Shiro Kaga) and Pink Ume (Koume).

Planted them in the ground when I got them (so, almost 2 years in-ground now). But, often, I kinda think about it and regret it… as there’s so many nicer cultivars I’ve learned of (like the ones above).

I actually never heard of ‘Shiro Kaga’ (single white) and ‘Koume’ (single pink) Ume before; especially used for bonsai. Are there any made into bonsai? Any pics??

Are the ones I got even any good or decently nice looking?

Subjective answer. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder!
As you are focussing on in ground landscape trees they may be a better choice if grafted on rootstock more suitable for your climate. The two varieties you mention are frequently grafted on a variety of rootstock for ease of propagation and increased suitability in a wider variety of climatic zones.
If you are considering Prunus Mume for strictly Bonsai purposes then the discussion may include consideration for non grafted choices. Often more of a concern for display in a pot.
Other varieties may display more complex flower forms or color, thus of greater interest depending on taste.
Personally, I find the single flower form of greater interest and enjoy the white for viewing. The white form and variety is very vigorous and thus a good choice for development.
I believe the end result is more a matter of skill and patience rather than specific differential growth patterns.
I think it is important to remember that using Japanese words for colour description does not constitute a specific cultivar description. The generic Prunus Mume with white flowers has been used for Bonsai for a very long time. Pink forms as well. Picture below is a Kokofu winning tree! White single flower Prunus Mume

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