Go slow or let it grow

Bonsai tonight,

Took some very small cutting from a trident maple, and thinking about using them for a group planting. I’m thinking the planting will take place when the primary tree is about 1-1.5 inches at the base. To grow for a group planting do you just let the trees grow as fast as possible or do you keep the internodes in mind? I guess I’m curious about most of the common deciduous trees used for group plantings. Thanks!

The internodes will be relevant as you think about where you want the trees to have branches. Larger trees can work with larger internodes, but smaller trees are harder to get right with large internodes.

Another consideration is the character of the trunks. Will there be lots of taper, some taper, or almost no taper. Will there be lots of movement, some movement, or almost no movement.

As long as all of the trees in the composition are consistent in approach, a variety of options could work well.

Thanks! Qualitatively speaking, in the context of trees used in a group, would you try to grow them slowly, i.e. fertilize after leaves have hardened off; Or would you grow them fast and use trunk chops/ fertilation to control taper and internode spacing? For a tree around 24", does this sound about right, 3-5" internode on the bottom half, and progressively reaching ~2" up top? Thanks again.

Ideally, I’d want to grow the trees slowly so they can develop some character along the way. They can be thickened up as need be down the road.

One of the things that’s hard to get right is the subtle movement. Fast growth early on can make for really straight trunks or obviously wired trunks.