Good moss or bad moss?

(Samuel Tan) #1

I just collected a bunch of moss from a sidewalk in my city:

Is this the “good” moss that I want growing on the surface of my bonsai soil, or the “bad” moss that I want to keep away from the trunk of my tree?

(Justin) #2

the denser the moss is the better.

(Jonas Dupuich) #3

Looks like the good stuff.

(Samuel Tan) #4

Great! I hope this takes on my soil.

(Jonas Dupuich) #5

Sometimes white moss below the soil can help:

(clive bennett) #6

Looks course to me good moss is like velvet. However any moss os bad when it starts growing up the trunk of your trees, or is do dense it stops water getting to the soil shedding it over the edge of the pot