Grafted Japanese white pine

Hallo everyone…

I want to do a few structural bends to white pine. It’s now summer here in South Africa when will best time be mid fall or winter or now?

Regards Hannes

If the bends are minor and the needles have hardened off, now’s a good time to do the work. The standard time to start working on white pines would be a month or two from now (August for the northern hemisphere). White pines are most commonly wired in winter.

Thanks Jonas, buds still pushing needles out as shown with pic. The branch need to be bend with a jack so dont think it fall under minor bends…what is the reason pines are work on when the are dormant? Would bends not heal better during growing season?

One reason is to avoid damaging tender needles. In late summer through winter the needles are mature and don’t scratch or break as easily.

Thanks Jonas,

I shall wait for early fall …