Grafted whitepine/blackpine rootstock speed?

Hi all. I have a young white pine grafted on to a black pine root stock. I actually don’t really like the look normally of this, however i got this one as the graft was just by the soil surface, so not visible unless you look for it. My question is then if that root stock still grows as the speed of a normal black pine, or if slows down to speed of the white pine? And secondly do i water as if it was a black pine, or let it dry out more like it was a white pine?

I don’t have any data one way or the other about this, but I’d expect you’ll see something in between the two. White pines on black root-stock tend to grow well and develop relatively quickly. I let my black pines dry out quite a bit between waterings - not as dry as white pine, but still fairly dry - so I think that will be appropriate here too. If you start out providing the care you’re used to, you can try changes down the road and see how the tree responds.

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