Grafting different species onto Thuja occidentalis

I have successfully grafted Chamaecyparis onto Thuja occidentalis as have other I know but recently I have heard of folks grafting juniper onto them–I have never seen this done and it seems impossible. Does anyone know if shimpaku can be grafted onto them.

I too am curious if this is possible. Can you say a bit about the rationale for putting juniper foliage on thuja?

Well, Pre-bonsai Mark, an eastern bonsai propagator and grafter claims to have done this successfully( showed me pics too). Bill V. has scene large Thujas being grafted with juniper in China–guess its been going on for decades. As to why do it-- W cedar has largeish floppy loose foliage–shimpakus foliage is the king of beautiful foliage. Also I can collect large trunked interesting Thuja that are easy to transplant and grow and get super healthy–there is no question a large trunked vigorous shimpaku would be vastly more valuable being they are as scarce as hens teeth. I suspect though, that it would take forever to develop the grafts–at least if they are anything like the cham grafts I have done.

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On the east coast , as you are aware, is loaded with thuja occidentsalis, (arborvitae) yamadori. most of these spectacular collected thuja are foliage deficient, coupled with the fact that many just plain dont like thuja occ foliage. Also i have a nursery block full of specimen hinokis(300) 50 year old plants, all cutting grown, all 5 ft or shorter some with 10,12 and even 14 inch trunks at the base but most have many hurdles to overcome in order to make them decent bonsai. I graft many of these already with hinoki nana but now will graft many of these old hinokis with shimpaku this spring because in my trials of shimpaku on thuja i also did 50 test grafts of shimpaku on hinoki specie seedlings and these seemed to heal even better than shimp on thuja. Time will be the ultimate judge as to graft compatibility.