Grafting Juniper

Hi Jonas,
Hope all is well.
Over the last 2/3 weeks I tried to apply the grafting technique, I followed all the steps as per the post “Grafting Utah juniper - a post without words”, so I noticed that the shimpaku shoots used began to change color and to dry. As you can see in the pictures.
Could you help me, I mean explain what is the correct steps to achieve this goal, maybe or probably I did something wrong.
You blog is very helpful, you save my life several times LOL
Thanks - Rafael

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I am sure Jonas will add some insight, my thoughts are the tree needs more vigor and mature foliage to assist in the grafting. This is evident in the immature foliage present in the pictures. Also the choice of scion material Is different from how i was taught. Not sure if you protected the scions from drying out with bags or parafilm during the process. Perhaps describe the process you followed?

Hi Frank, thanks for the support me. I followed closely step by step as you can see in the link below I did not skip any steps.

So I took out the plastic bag when I noticed that the buds started to change color. About the tree I grafted on the slingshot branch and the closer to the tip of the branches.

One thing to check is the timing of the graft. Where I live, January and February is best for grafting junipers. Grafting later in the year can work, but the odds of success drop.

Another thing to check is the after care:

Frank’s note is also relevant. The scion needs to have some woody tissue. If the scion wood is all green, the graft may not take.

Thank you guys!! I will restart the process I will keep you posted. Once again thank so much for support me!!!