Grafting Nail Technique

Good Morning everyone! I’m getting ready to approach graft seedlings onto Trident maple nebari. I’ve never used grafting nails before. Do you drive the nail through the scion above or directly into the graft union? Or, is there another technique? What kind of scaring can I expect?

Thanks, Chris

I have performed many successful root grafts on Tridents, but I have never used a nail. I either use a zip-tie or a screw. I place the screw directly in the middle of the scion where it is attaching to the nebari. You can either remove the screw in a year or two, or just let the wood envelope the screw (or nail).


Thanks, I’ve used upholstery tacks before but gotten major scarring as a by-product.

Sometimes on smaller approach grafts I use push pins on either side of the graft, then remove them later.

I’ve used the tacks on either side of the scion for small scions and right through them for larger ones. The scarring is usually a factor of how long you leave the tacks or ties in place.