Group of young black pine

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First of all, I would like to say that your website is realy nice, clean and full of knowledge for everyone.
Thank you for sharing all of this and taking the time to do it!

I recently bought some young Japanese black pine, it is the first time I have this kind of trees. (I am totaly beginner)
I would like to have some advice to start a group of trees on the same pot, some thing like that is my inspiration:

What would be the first step with this young plant?

Here you can find a picture of those 5 guys!

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Hope you get some answers. I’m in the same spot with 15, 2 and 3 year yamadori s seedlings.

I like the inspiration pic. The main thing at this stage is planting your trees together. You’ll need to remove a lot of soil when planting them to get the trunks close to each other.

You’ll notice that most of the trunks in the example are touching near the base. If there’s a little space between trees the feeling will change.

The trees will need some guidance along the way so you could get some wire on them now or start the styling process next year.

Thanks for the reply!

I plan to do it, in few days so.
I am waiting a bit, because not sure that the last frosts in Paris are passed!

Do I have to touch to the needles and remove some also or not?

You can remove the lower needles and branches now or later. Because the trees in the example don’t have much taper or many low branches, these buds won’t be necessary.

You can place the tallest, healthiest tree in the middle as this tree is biggest tree in the sample.

Once the trees are together they can simply grow for a year.

Hello, this is some update of my JBP group.

First picture is the group planted after the begining of this post.

The second one is the first wiring for initial guidance I did this weekend.

I hope they will give me nice new growth this next spring!

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This looks great Florent, thanks for the update! I’d like to make a few of these myself this winter.

As for care going forward, the main thing will be balancing trunk growth/thickening with branch development. If you want the center tree to be larger, you can let it grow freely for several years while the other trees can be kept relatively smaller.

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