Growing indoors with red/blue lights and irrigation system


I’ve recently started growing some Pinus Aristata. My seedlings are up. Where I live I don’t have very warm weather and my home for some silly reason never gets sunlight.

I got the growing lights with the red and blue a humidifier and temperature control and I am using a timed irrigation system. I have a small fan blowing inside the enclosure I am growing them in. Will they do okay in here or will they just die because of not getting NATURAL sunlight. Please let me know if there is anything else I can do to help these grow and reach full maturity.

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I’ve personally never tried the red and blue “full spectrum”. Me personally, I grow japanese black pines under a 1000 watt metal halide. They do great, contrary to what many people say.

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Wow, these are some cool setups! I have yet to work with conifers growing indoors, but it’s fun to see the different approaches.

I think one of the more important things to look out for is any sign that the trees are experiencing stress. This could take the form of infestation, general weakness, or an inability to produce the kind of growth the trees can produce outdoors. I look forward to seeing the results!

Red/Blue lights are great for the basic mechanisms of photosynthesis but there have been studies that other parts of the light spectrum are useful for other mechanisms (like hormonal triggers) that help the plant along

Will you eventually put them outside during the warmer months? The transition can sometimes be shocking to the plant, but I would think some natural sunlight during the year would be good for the overall health of the trees.

I have two Japanese black pines that I started from seed 15 years ago, that have never been outside. They have spent 15 long happy years basking under a 1000 watt metal halide.

Wow, would love to see a photo @Lance! I’ve yet to see what pines look like after extended indoor care.

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Sorry for the super awesome yellow look… and WOW cell phones make trees look tiny lol. This guy has been kept indoors its entire life.

Wow, that’s awesome - really great to get confirmation in the “wild” that the approach works. Thanks so much for sharing the photo!