Growing Pine Seed with Sand



I got a few pine seeds and just to check can i grow them using just sand ~3mm diameters just for convenience as i think the regular bonsai mix i have is too coast.

what alternative do i have if this is not workable?

Also will breaking the shell helps to speed up the germinating process :slight_smile:


(Frank Corrigan) #2

Pine seeds will germinate in sand. I have often used sterilized childrens play sand as a germination medium.
Other options include sifting other inorganic substrates to smaller size.
Do not crack the seeds that will simply destroy them.
Depending on the pine species and seed condition some stratification and prior soaking may be beneficial to germination. A quick internet search on one of the seed supply sites such as Sheffields will provide specific reccomendations for separate species.


Hi Frank, thanks for advice. Just planted the seeds and have to wait and see what will happen next…Rgds.