Growing trunks on black pines

(John Herbrich) #1

Can you grow Japanese Black Pines in a grow out bed just to obtain a nice trunk and then chop it. Will it bud back with the necessary amount of buds for proper limb selection? Also, do they heal over easily? I’ve been at this for 20 plus years, but no experience with pines. Thanking in advance for help☺

(Jonas Dupuich) #2

While young pines can produce back buds, I rarely expect it. The only time you can count on it is when you cut back to an are that still has needles. Once the needles are gone - usually 4-5 years at the longest - I start thinking about grafting as my best option for new branches.

As for healing, I very much try to avoid creating large wounds on pines (or anything else). Up to a certain size, pine wounds do heal, but the scars are unsightly. Larger wounds can close - depending on general health and vigor of the tree - but it can take several years. I like keeping wounds under 2".

When using sacrifice branches, I try to build taper section by section. This creates taper and movement and keeps the wound size small. I also try to keep the main scars in the back when possible.

As much as possible, I try to keep small foliage around to avoid the need for grafting later.

(clive bennett) #3

You cannot cut back pines beyond branches /trunks that have needles growing, if you do the branch / trunk will die. Rather than hoping cuts will heal and callus over you are better turning the cut into a dead wood feature. If you have the skill you can graft small branches then when they are growing strongly cut back (leaving a small stub) almost to the graft.