Help in identification

(Shay Cohen) #1

In my quest for Mikawa seeds I tryed a source from China via Ali express.
To alert everyone else, these are not pine seeds…
They look like it but what sprouted was this:

Can any one tell me what these are?

(Jonas Dupuich) #2

Interesting - all but the first two leaves look like normal black pine growth. No ideas.

(Susan) #3

They are all Pines. I don’t see any problem with them.

(Shay Cohen) #4

Hi Kirky,
They developed in to thuja…
I will only buy seeds from legitimate stores in the future.
Thank you for your reply,

(Frank Corrigan) #5

Hello Shay
I too have tried various sources online, some were very poor. I have had very good luck with the seeds purchased from Sheffields. The JBP seeds have been very strong with a high rate of germination. Perhaps consider them next time.