Help Me ID This Elm, Please

Hello all,

My friend was in the process of clearing his backyard and needed some help with a tree that was sandwiched in a potting bed from the previous owners. He suckered me in to helping him knowing I’d probably want to keep whatever tree we dug.

Turns out it was a pretty nice elm with a thick trunk and a massive root structure entwined all throughout the concrete in the bed. Long story short, after a few hours of digging, trenching and cutting, I wrangled this free and brought it home.

Can anyone help me ID this elm? It looks like a Chinese elm to me, but I was hoping someone out there might have a definitive answer.

I think this is excellent material, my fingers are crossed that it makes it through. I’ve left the small sucker shoots on the sides to hopefully aid in its recovery.


Any luck with this? If not, you might try:

Looks a lot like Ulmus Pumila, they grow all over here (Winnipeg). People use them as hedges and in traffic medians. Nice small leaves, easy to fatten up. Will spout from the truck till infinity though.

Here a alley way yamadori

Thanks I’ll give this a shot over there as well.

Thanks for the picture and potential ID. I think you’re right, it looks similar to what you have there. I’ll see soon if buds bread on the trunk at the chop line, I’m expecting so.


Well sir, you are right on with the classification. I just found this post on my city’s website, indicating all the elm here in town are Siberian Elm (ulmus pumila) not Chinese Elm:


Bit of a lucky guess :sunglasses:

I love Pumila!

They grow like weeds in the alleys here in Winnipeg. Often creating a nice root ball in old leaves. Got a couple I’m earth layering now. Was going to leave pics, but it seems there to big :crying_cat_face:

Wow what a crazy trunk, and yes, sprouts from the trunk to infinity right there.

My friend had one of these in his yard at his other house and tried to kill it as it was getting too large. He had a truck come and pull the stump out with a chain and hitch. Months later little elms popped up all over his yard - hah!

Excited to work with this tree and do some carving down the line, hopefully it recovers.

Thanks for the pics!