Help - what is this?

This was given to me as a gift it was healthy when I received it. Not sure what type of tree this is. The specks are sticky and do not come off easily. Some leaves are dying off but there’s new growth as well. I’ve only watered it with tap water and I have kept it out of direct sunlight not wanting to “burn” it. How do I fix this?

Am not sure about the white specks but the small insects look like dead aphids or a similar insect. Are there live bugs on the tree?

Knowing more about what kind of tree it is might help a bit - it looks like it might be a variety that grows well outside in the sun.

I thought some type of insect/bug as well but they don’t appear to move. They not easy to remove and they’re somewhat sticky.

This tree appears to be a fukien tea and as was mentioned by Jonas it does have an infestation on white fly. Doen’t look good from here but I cannot see if the roots have been
dried out too much for it to be salvaged.

I’d try to clean what you can from the surface of the leaves and spray for the insects if any are still alive.