Help with crabapple health

Hello! I received this crabapple ~1.5 years ago. This past summer, it seemed to struggle to grow. A few small green leafs appeared and quickly wilted. I live in the Bay Area and I don’t have a yard so I keep the plant indoors by a window. I have no experience with bonsai but my gut says it needs help. What should I try to help it become healthy?

I’ll be honest from the pics it looks dead to me. That’s a lot of wire scarring too - in future you’ll want to check and remove wire before it cuts in like that.

Two quick tips - the tree loses its leaves in fall so it’s natural for crabapple to be bare this time of year. As for the tree’s environment, it’s really hard to keep them happy indoors.

At this point, I’d wait until spring to see if it leafs out (this would be February or March).

It also looks like the tree may be dry. If the soil is starting to dry out a bit 1/2" below the surface of the soil, it’s time to water.

Hope this helps!

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