Help with Identification

Hello - I’m looking for assistance in identifying this tree.
At first I though it was a Sorbus but I have had no luck there.
Now I’m seeing how similar it is to the spring growth on my Wistera.
Does anyone have any ideas?

Not sure if the photo is spring or fall foliage? The plant appears to be a sumac variety.

Sorry to be unclear but thank you for the suggestion. I will research Sumac.

This is the recently emerged spring foliage - well ahead of my other sumac which is still in the ‘fuzzy nubben’ stage.

I have more recent photos but still no ideas - definitely not Wisteria!
The Straghorn Sumac seemed possible but…
These pictures were taken on May 11.

Tiny new red leaves at nodes:

It seemed like the leaves turned from red to green overnight.

Does anyone have experience with Jacaranda?
It appears to be a strong possibility.