Help with Pinus Halepensis

Hallo Jonas, here in South Africa the correct pines that can be used as bonsai material are not freely available. I have black and red pines and alot of Pinus Halepensis. I want to know if I can use Halepensis pines as bonsai material?I also don’t know how and when to decandle ex.

I haven’t worked on an Aleppo pine in some time. From what I remember, severe cutback produces juvenile growth. This makes bonsai creation difficult. Some people leave the trees juvenile, others, when working with larger, older material, may be able to train the trees with mature foliage.

I’d say try decandling and see what happens - Aleppo pine are vigorous growers.

Will be curious to hear from others who’ve worked on Aleppo pines over time.

Thanks Jonas, yes they grow vigorous and the juvenile foliage can be a problem if you want to grow a big tree. Maybe when its old it will grow more mature growth. I hope there is someone that can help.