Help with sick cedar

Hi there, any idea what’s wrong with this cedar?

Your tree appears to be a pine not a a Juniper. With that said it is difficult to respond correctly. I am sorry l can not better advise.

Please post a picture of the whole tree and check your identification of the species. The picture shows very little and it looks nothing like a cedar.
Thank you

A photo showing more of the tree will help, but if the whole plant looks like this, I’d guess something went wrong with the roots or a similar stress to the system. It looks like there was significant cutback, but that’s just on this one branch.

Appreciate your responses, as far as I know it’s a deaodora

Thanks for the picture that helps, can you describe what work has been done to the tree within the past 12 months. I have to admit that this species always fools me in the foliage appearance and i do not have any that i have worked one,
The foliage reaction does look like a stress reaction. Perhaps a combination of aggressive cutback too soon after repotting. I do know that Deodorant Cedar reacts poorly to wet feet and need to be kept in a free draining soil.

Thanks Shaun. The tree isn’t looking great. Can you say a bit about what led up to this point?

Cut back quite hard in August (end of winter here in SA), it recovered well - repotted late October. I think being to wet could’ve added to this. Appreciate your help

It looks like the cutback stressed the tree which stimulated what looks like juvenile growth. Repotting before the tree had time to recover from the pruning appears to have led to the wilt and dieback.

Making sure you don’t over (or under) water is the most important thing at this point to give new roots a chance to get established.

Thanks Jonas - I have a better understanding of how to handle this species now