Help! Yellow Juniper

(Svoboda) #1

This happened last year - primarily yellowing nearest branch. Once the yellowing completes the needles fall off. I removed all the yellow needles last year and used Fungoil. ( recommended by local Bonsai shop) I used copper preventatively this year. But it is happening again. Could probably use a repot but was nervous to do so this year when it was in recovery. Water percolation appears adequate but soil is pretty compacted. Starting to see similar on a smaller shimpaku. Check for mites - negative. Regular, I think thoughtful, watering. Starting to sweat! Here’s a couple of photos. Anybody have any ideas?

(Jonas Dupuich) #2

As long as the healthy foliage at the ends of the branches continues to look good, I wouldn’t be too concerned. Now’s the time of year that junipers naturally lose their old foliage.

The yellow growth looks spindly and weak compared with the dense, green growth near the branch ends. It may be that the tree is transitioning to the the new growth that the tree has developed over the past year or two.

Is the tree new to your collection in the past two years?

(Svoboda) #3

Thank you. Yes, I bought it from (the same) local shop late summer 2016 - needs more styling but I am moving slowly as still learning. The owner is now gone and there is only occasionally someone there with experience.