Hinoki yellowing, branches dying

This hinoki is developing yellowing and dying places.
Please see photos. This is what I’ve dreaded due to stories I hear about hinokis. Nutrition, pH, moisture, and sun are good. I need to know what it is and what to do, please, help

It’s mostly the older foliage that’s yellowing so you may be in good shape. I’d hold off on working on it until it fills out more, but otherwise it looks pretty good.

I hope so. This is the worst it’s looked in two years. I ceased plucking branchlets two months ago, after it was suggested that I let it rest and recover. It looked great then. The old photos are on the forum on August 14, 2020. Go figure.

My junipers and Hinoki pre-bonsai trees are having a tough time. The Junipers were hit first with tip blight. The needles dying now were infected months ago. There are several fungi that cause tip blight. Those that are in the needles are infected in summer and fall and cause death the following spring and summer, so by the time you see the problem it is too late for the infected branches. Spray now for next year (if it is not already too late). There are also root rot fungal infections that kill the roots and show up on the foliage due to lack of water transmission.

The different fungi need different treatments. Identify what you have and spray accordingly. I sprayed for one fungus but had 2 different fungi so I kept losing branches the second year.

Disease . Resistant to most diseases , hinoki cypresses fall victim to fungal blight disease , also called juniper tip blight , caused by pathogens Phomopsis juniperovora or Kabatina juniperi. … This blight disease may cause plant death in particularly weak or young trees.


I use:

Fungal notes
shows infection spray frequency
Juniper Blight Phomopsis juniperovora April-September all summer azoxystrobin,
some copper based
thiophanate-methyl 7-21 days
Kabatina juniperi Feb-March autum
Sclerophoma pythiophila
Juniper needle blight Cercospora sequoiae late summer-fall summer mancozeb
Bordeaux early June
early July
mid-late July


I 'm giving my hinoki a bath(foliar) with Safer zinc and Daconil combo to cover a larger range of fungal possibilities. It beats just sitting there and wringing my hands over my coveted hinoki. Let you know how it turns out.

Mine doing the same thing but it just seems older branches, I rubbed them off and it doesn’t seem that more are developing.

thanks for recommendation.