Hobbit house bonsai

(Les Lonsdale) #1

I was inspired by the famous ‘hobbit house bonsai’ on the web by Chris Guise from the UK. I had a try at it using a boxwood.

(Beverly) #2

Wow!! Wonderful. Great work.

(Colin Hay) #3

Looks great, very creative!

(Les Lonsdale) #4

Thanks! I know that the lower right limb is a problem (too straight and long), but this was the only tree that I had that would work in this setting. I will try to graft some foliage closer in on the limb, then cut it off shorter.


(Bob Conroy) #5

I think it is appropriate. If you could make the pad a bit larger and flatter, it would be providing much needed shade for the ‘roof’, increasing the natural cooling for inside. IMHO. otherwise it looks wonderful in this setting.

(Les Lonsdale) #6

Thanks Bob! I appreciate the advice. That’s a good idea!

(Bob Conroy) #7

I guess all of the lectures and internet classes are starting to pay a few benefits. Thanks.