How can I grow a bonsai plant?

(Kathy Malec) #1

I am a newbie and just getting started with gardening, I bought some maple seeds from a plant nursery in our hometown. I got 3 maples that I have sprouted from those seeds which are looking lovely. I am wondering, at what point should I consider pruning or maybe just pinching the top of the seedling to promote fuller growth. Everything that I have seen says to wait 3 years before pruning. I am not sure if the pot I have selected will support them. When I discussed with my friend she told me to leave them for some time approximately 2 -3 years until there is anything happening in the trees. She also reminds me to leave the trees in the pot as long as possible to make them healthy.
I think it is better to pot them individually into larger pots for a long time. If it is placed in large pots it can grow rapidly and size up the trunk and branches. I also need to know the possibility of converting it into a bonsai tree. Is that possible? If so, what are the steps that I should consider in growing them? I appreciate any helps that you can offer me.

(Jonas Dupuich) #2

The trees can likely grow for the remainder of this growing season. Training as bonsai, whether pinching or wiring, can wait until fall or maybe next year.

Can you post a photo of the trees and the pot you were thinking about? We can help with the specifics a bit more if we can see the trees.

(Bob Conroy) #3

Kathy, if the trees do get too big for their starting pot, simply slip pot them into a larger
pot without disturbing the iriginab soil ball.Good luck.

(Kathy Malec) #4

Thank you Jonas Dupuich for your reply. So, I can grow it as a bonsai tree.

(Kathy Malec) #5

Thank you Bob, I will do it.