How Tall Does The Cardinal Flower Grow?

(Veronica Harden) #1

We just bought a new house and we’re shifting in the next month. My wife is into gardening so we decided to plant something in our yard.
Yeah, luckily we got some space in the front which we would like to turn into a garden.
Since it’s the front area we are thinking about beautiful flower plants to boost the appeal.

Yesterday came across the site of a nearby native plant nursery. I’m thinking about buying some Cardinal flower plants from them:

Heard they produce bright red flowers in the summer, so I guess this is the right time.
However, I would like to know how tall does cardinal flower plants grow.
And do they spread???
Also, suggest some bonsai trees that will flower in the summer.


(Frank Corrigan) #2

I think your best source of information for the Flower you are considering is the local nursery you have cited! It appears they specialize in native plants and would also understand your climate in that area of Ontario.
As for flowering Bonsai, the list is very long from tree’s that bear fruit, to Azalea etc. I would suggest contacting the local Bonsai Clubs in your area for specific suggestions suited to your climate. There are many Bonsai groups in the greater Toronto area. A quick Google search should provide all the information you need.
Good luck with you planting!