How to calc how much to rent your tree for an event?

(Xavier De Lapeyre) #1

Hi all,
I do bonsai as a hobby, not for sale or to make money out of it.
I usually try to go for quality ( create taper, branch structures, work on nebari, better feeder roots etc )
rather than just taking a nursery plant and putting it in a bonsai pot and reselling those shrubs in a pot as bonsai.

My trees are not kokufuten quality yet, but that’s the longterm target.

I got contacted by a company that has an event and wants to display some of my trees.
Most are shohin size ( mame and shito sized trees )
There are 4 shohin and a kusamono.

Initially I was planning to rent it for free, just to promote bonsai awareness.
But the company PR dept is asking how much is the rent fee.

How do you calc that?
Any ideas or tips would be most welcome.

Thanks in adv

(Les Lonsdale) #2

Our club always displays our members trees freely, whenever we are asked by different groups. One or two of us try to be on site to answer questions and perhaps even hand out some fliers, which have the info about our club. We believe that this is good advertisement for our bonsai club.

(Jonas Dupuich) #3

Some things to think about:

  • will the trees be well cared for?
  • what is the replacement cost of the trees if there is an accident?
  • what quality of care will the trees receive?
  • how much work is it to coordinate the rental and/or deliver the trees?
  • how large are the trees? Small trees will be easy to transport but harder to watch over

(John Baugh) #4

My emotions are split here.

Free is a generous offer, but you might want to consider insuring the trees and charge them the rate your insurance provider would charge you for a two or three day coverage (however long the event lasts).

The other thought is that providing them free cheapens your efforts. They are not for sale, so you are obviously not doing this as a marketing effort which might lead to a no charge offer. Since they are NFS and you are not doing it for some kind of promotion, it seems very reasonable to charge a small fee for your trouble.

Thanks for reading.