How to Decandle Pine Bonsai

(Moon) #1

Hi Jonas,

Many thanks for your guide on decandling.
I just got my kyoto pine which the nursery claimed to be min 9yrs old already.
I would like to reduce/control the height, and add the same time promote more side shoots or lower growth. May i seek for your advice pls.
Am a newbie to bonsai, my previous bonsai failed.

(Frank Corrigan) #2

Hello, i am curious. Do you intend to keep this Bonsai Indoors? I believe the Kyoto Pine is marketed as an indoor Bonsai, produced in Japan and sold in Singapore gift stores.

(Moon) #3

Hi Frank, i intend to keep it indoor. Yes u r right, it was marketed to me as indoor bonsai n dun require much sunlight or water. Is this true?
Is my bonsai too tall? Hubby picked tis up

(Frank Corrigan) #4

I understand it was marketed that way. Unfortunately in my training and experience pines require sunlight and the outdoors.
I notice that there is no mention of the type of pine in the advertising or if they were grown indoors. I am not aware of a pine variety that is suitable for indoors. The accepted practice is that most outdoor trees should only be kept indoors for a few days if on display unless considered a tropical species. And then certain additional humidity and lighting is provided.
Decandling requires that a pine be very healthy and growing vigorously. Although the root ball looks well developed the apex does not look like a vigorous candle in my opinion. Perhaps it would be best to care for the pine and see if it improves before trying to apply Bonsai techniques.

(Jonas Dupuich) #5

Ditto everything Frank said about keeping the tree outdoors! The tree looks like a five needle pine - a variety that doesn’t respond well decandling. If you provide a close-up photo of the tag that came with it that might help with the ID.


new to this site…just browsing but came across Jonas’ description that 5-needle pines do not respond well to decandling. Could you please elaborate…

(Jonas Dupuich) #7

Decandling can weaken and even kill five-needle pines if practiced over time as they don’t bud back well after the spring foliage is removed. Decandling works great on varieties like black and red pine.

(Gregory Goldstein) #8

Interesting Moon…stay on the conservative side and wait. I hate to wait, but I guess in the art of Bonsai, the medium requires an extensive supply of patience.