How to develop pines without decandling

So how a JBP is developed or refined if not decandling at all? What work should be done the year is not decandle?
Thank you for this great web site.

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The typical approach is to let the tree grow freely for 5-10 years to let the trunk thicken. Once the trunk reaches the desired size decandling begins to improve the branches.

Thank you, Jonas, but actually, my first shohin JBP is fairly dense and in refinement but needles are too long at the moment.
I have seen comments stating that JBP in UK should be treated as single flush, but unfortunately I have no access to good local practitioners who are willing to advise. If that’s correct, what should be different when working a multiflash as a single flush? and again what can be done this year if too late for decandling?

Ah, gotcha Paolo. Not much is necessary in years you don’t decandle. The main thing is to control needle size by not fertilizing much, if at all, and by not over watering in spring as the needles are elongating.

The pruning techniques differ a bit too, with more focus on cutting back the main shoots at the ends of strong branches in hopes of encouraging more buds in the tree’s interior. Fall work - cutback and pulling needles - is mostly the same.

Those are the strategies I’d start with. I don’t use these approaches on healthy pines where I live as I can usually decandle healthy trees, but I take similar approaches (in terms of pruning) with pines that aren’t as strong.

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