I need to renovate my garden shed

(Lydia Whitaker) #1

Hello folks,
I am from Brampton and I am happy to be here on this forum. I am a person who is very much interested in gardening. I am planning to try bonsai trees, for that, I have to buy some garden tools and equipment. I have a garden shed in my backyard where I use to store all the garden apparels. But I need to renovate it. It is a wooden shed. I need to renovate it in a way that it should give a cherishing look. While surfing on the internet, I saw different articles enlisting the different ways we can adopt in order to paint our garden shed, which will give it a refreshing look. My friend loves graffiti and so I would like to go with it. It will be an opportunity for my friend to express his talents and thereby my shed will get a new look. Could you please share with me some graffiti ideas that would suit a garden shed? He told me that if I gave him an idea he will definitely help me.

(Jonas Dupuich) #2

Sounds like a fun project! The one thing that comes to mind is what feeling you’ll want to the work to convey when it’s done and whether it’s compatible with your ideas for growing bonsai. Busy and loud can work as can more simple designs with muted colors - you’ll be the best judge for which may be the best fit.