Identify a pine tree

Dear jonas,

Please let me introduce my self, my name is david lim from jakarta,indonesia.
I’m a big fan of your work, i learn alot from your blog and website about black pine.

Recently i bought a pine from japan.
The nursery label the tree as japanese black pine, but i’m a little suspicious with the tree, i think its a red pine not a black pine.
Can you help me identify the trees?
I attach 2 photo of pine trees i bought.
And can you please advice me with the trees.
Thank you very much jonas.

update: i attach the closeup photo before the buds emerge.

It’s hard to tell from the photos, but I’d likely lean red on the small pine and black on the larger pine.

The needles are thin and the buds have some red in them on the smaller tree - this makes me think red.

As for the second tree, I’d guess black because of the shape and character of the needles - they look like the needles I’m used to seeing on black pines.

There are also cases where trees have characteristics from both red and black pines making it difficult to tell what the tree really is, and I’ve heard there can actually be crosses between the two (though I haven’t seen a verifiable source for this info).