Identify Pine tree

Hi there,
I have a pine tree bought with a jbp label but its not. I think it id either a Monterey or Ponderosa Pine. The whorls have 3 needles and are approx 16 cm long. The tree is 40 cm tall with a trunk diameter of 2 cm at base. The bark is pinky chestnut(as in horse colour). I live on East coast of Australia in temperate climate. Any help identifying is appreciated. GeoffIMG20201018104656|281x500

I would suggest it is likely a variety of Plantation pine or Pinus Radiata. they can have two or three needles and the rest fits the description as well. Many were imported to Australia and they have adapted well enough to establish themselves naturally. Does not appear to be anything like a ponderosa pine.

Hi Frank,
Thanks. I will treat it as radiata. What would have been the main attributes for a Ponderosa?

Distinctively different needle distribution on candles as well as bark appearance on mature tree.