Identifying Japanese Black Pine trees

(csatk) #1

Hello All,

In the blog posting “How to grow Japanese black pine from seed” Jonas describes collecting pine cones, to grow JBP seedlings.

Question is, how do you go about identifying a pine tree to be JBP? What do you look for, to determine if a particular pine tree is JBP. I live in Pleasanton, CA, I see plenty of irregularly growing (not upright) pine trees, but can’t really tell if they are JBP. Can you please describe what characteristics (visual/sensory) to look for?


(Jonas Dupuich) #2

Ha, that’s a surprisingly good question - most google searches turn up bonsai or beautiful landscape specimens (trying searches with -bonsai helps as it excludes bonsai results).

Here are the best examples I found after a few searches:

Even these trees look better than the average specimen I find around town. Most are pretty rangy with unusual, irregular shapes.

Of course, pretty landscape pines work too and there are lots of images of those online. Around town the trees show up in Japanese landscapes.

Here are the best overall pics I found (includes bark and cones):

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Jonas, as always, you are very helpful and informative.