Ilex question - cutback and air layer


Jonas, I have a couple of questions about correct season too hard prune illex. What season would be the best to hard cut a bare trunk? I have reduced the apex the past 3 years trying to get lower buds to break. Only to get base suckers and a super dense apex.
I’ll try approach grafts early and mid summer this year.
Also is there a correct season to air-layer?
I would like to have lower buds on the trunk prior to the decapatation.

Yaupon holly progression
(Jonas Dupuich) #2

What kind of ilex are you working with - the yaupon holly?


I would think it’s a vomitoria( landscape shrub).
I collected years ago from a demo site. It was cut cut the hardest of the lot in May 2013, was is the best of two survivors.


(Jonas Dupuich) #4

Wow - those are some good sized hollies! I’d try hard cutback when they’re just getting active, which could be anytime now (the hollies I’ve seen in Houston this week are still growing this time of year). Really anytime through early spring would be good for heavy cuts.

Air layers are commonly done in May, but I haven’t tried this with Yaupon so I don’t know if there’s a different time that’s better/worse.

Also - when I do big cuts, I cut above where I want branches to give room for different buds to appear. I can then - ideally - select which to use and then cut back to them once they’ve grown a bit.

Looking forward to seeing these come along!