I'm concidering buying a Prunis ,,

(Tim Shea ) #1

It is thought to be a Flowering Cherry but also rumored to be a Plumb …Any thoughts on weaknesses or hints on care would be appreciated ,I have had a Ume for 10 years

(Jonas Dupuich) #2

Flowering cherry and plum varieties can make great bonsai. If you find the botanical name we might have further suggestions.

(Tim Shea ) #3

Thank you,We will try ,probably have to wait & see its "colors "

(Tim Shea ) #4

It seems to be a Plum Cherry ,Prunus Cerasifera " Pissardi"

(Tim Shea ) #5

It seems to be a Plum Cherry ,Prunus Cerasifera " Pissardi" ??? any help is appreciated

(Jonas Dupuich) #6

Am familiar with P. cerasifera but not necessarily ‘Pissardi’. The species is a strong grower and is commonly planted in the landscape across the Bay Area.

They’ll be happy in the sun though depending on the size of the pot they may need a break from the hottest days.

Style-wise you have a lot of options - I’d like take a cue from whatever starting point the tree gives you.

(Tim Shea ) #7

Thank you 4 the info I can manipulate the sun intensity pretty easily ,shape is quite good considering it is a urban yamadori ,but the MANY old dead stems that comprised it as a BUSH are in desperate need of re-shaping ,It has a lot of very old very offensive straight across cuts that "SCREAM " unfinished or never started basic level work ,kind of crowded work spaces but we will see ,I’m a reasonably good carver I started out my "tool " user life carving with a pocket knife as a preteen ,thanks again Tim S