Importing Satsuki Azaleas

(Saulo Ricci) #1

Hi Jonas and community,

I have read the post on and I got curious about the importing process of satsuma azaleas.

I have seen this place online known as Shibue Satsuki Azalea Bonsai that claims to export the species to USA with the right certificate and complying with the US Agricultural rules/regulations. Have you bought any Satsuki from this place or do you have any other suggestion from other places to buy them? I was just trying to look up online for more reviews from them in order to make any purchase.


(Raymond Mack) #2

I do not know the company you referenced however I can recommend Dave Kreutz, good guy and well known in the community.

(Saulo Ricci) #3

Hey Augustine, thank you very much for the reference.

I will make sure to get in contact with him too.

(Jonas Dupuich) #4

I’m not familiar with this grower but it’s really close to growers I have worked with.

The process for me was more involved than a typical online order. I worked with the local agriculture department and US customs. I shopped for trees that were quarantined and shipped the trees to an inspection station. I also worked with an international shipper and a freight forwarder who worked with live plants.

Although it can be fun to become an importer, my recommendation is always to support people like Dave who do all of this on their end to make quality specimens available here in the states.

If you do find an easy way to navigate the process, by all means feel free to share your successes!

(Saulo Ricci) #5

Hi Jonas,

really useful information from you.
I will make sure to contact him. And sure, I will share the success here :wink: