Insecticides? Watering?

Some of my trees (from what I can tell only some) have some bugs in the soil. First type of bug is like this larva squirmy small maybe .5cm- 1cm white thing and a really really small looking mite kinda thing. Smaller than an aphid but bigger than root aphids. The larva looking worm gather underneath teabags full of cottonseed meal.
Anyone have good recommendations on what to do or use?

Next questions is about watering, specifically a tree that has been half barerooted. They were repotted during winter early spring from basic potting soil looking stuff. And the half that has been barerooted dries out waaaay faster and the other half is always mucky. It gets pretty hot where I live and I have to water pretty much everyday this time of the year and it’s only gonna get hotter and drier. Any advice on how the best way to go about this would be?

  1. The squirmy things sound like fly larvae, super common around cottonseed meal. I generally don’t do anything about them.

  2. That’s a good question. You’ll have to answer it yourself as you can best judge the needs of the tree, but some things to keep in mind are:

  • overhead water reduces the need for the roots to totally support the tree
  • how many roots are in the old soil and how many in the new? If there were tons of new roots in the new soil, I’d want to make sure they don’t die. If there were barely any, I’d watch the water on the old side carefully.

In general, it’s best to manage this during repotting, maybe by removing more of the old soil or making a hole in the old soil to get some new soil in there to reduce the overall moisture retention there.

FYI - next time two posts for two questions will simplify the resulting threads, if any :slight_smile:

  1. gross

  2. hmm, it’s kinda hard to tell, but I will dig down into the soil and keep an eye on it. Maybe I will mark which side is bareroot and try to water that side only?


if you use neem seed meal on top of your soil, it will keep bugs off it.

I wouldn’t try to water half of the rootball - that sounds tricky.