Is my Japanese black pine dying?

Can someone please help!? This is my 6 months old japanese black pine which I planted from a seed. He’s already been repoted once and seemed to be doing great, but recently his needles have started to go brown and limp around the bottom, however new green needles are still growing from the top. Is this normal for them in the colder months, or is he dying? Also, does anybody have any advice on what I can do to help him if he is dying? I keep him by a window with plenty of light, and water him when I see his soil getting dry, so about once every three ish days, am I doing everything correctly? (this is the first bonsai I’ve grown from a seed so I’m new to this!) many thanks!

This is normal, shedding old needles at this time.

It looks great to me too. Do note the tree will need to grow outside at some point as it’s hard to keep pines healthy indoors.

Thanks for your help! I’m glad it’s okay, and I’ll definitely move it outside soon, will frost/snow effect it? Or shall I move it back inside while its snowing/frosty?

It is normally suggested to protect seedlings for the first winter. That depends on the location and severity of your climate. Normally seedlings are also " hardened off " adapting them in stages to the outside, if they have been germinated indoors.
It would be helpful to know your location and local winter conditions. Japanese Black Pine is winter hardy to approximately -10 Celsius or 14 degrees Fahrenheit when planted in the ground. It is best to provide protection if the temperatures will be colder than above. It is important to remember that plants in pots are more vulnerable than those in the ground.
Pines will not survive well indoors and need to be kept outside.

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I live in North of the UK, so it can reach minus degrees Celsius, and can be particularly snowy/frosty in November through to January / February.

I find this topic really interesting and also helpful, because I’m having exactly the same thing. And exactly same growth level. I kept my planets since summer around juni/july and they have been growing nicely since then. Now it’s winter and I’m afraid they would die, but thank you Frank. You gave an advice last time and would listen to you again. To keep them outside in pots.
Could you please tell us how is watering during winter suppose to be? I would really appreciate it!
Thank you very much.
Also they are growing really near each other. When would be a good time to repotting?
Thanks again :slight_smile:

Watering will vary according to your climate. The seedlings should not dry out completely. I check for moisture and only water if needed. I do not water during freezing temperatures.
I prefer to repot in the spring, this gives the plants a longer period of growth and time for root recovery.