Is rooting Japanese Black Pine candle cuttings a real thing?

A bonsai professional once sold me a young Japanese Black Pine and he told me it was rooted from a candle cutting. I asked him what he meant and how but he didn’t give an answer :thinking:

Has anyone heard of such a technique?

Yes the technique is usually referred to as a terminal cutting. It is used primarily for Dwarf Pine Cultivars. The process is described in the reference manual of woody plant propagation. ( Michael Dirr and Charles Heuser )

@Riversedgebonsai could you describe the technique a little? :bowing_man:

Process is usually begun late fall and winter under greenhouse conditions.
4 to 8inch long terminal cuttings.
Stripped of basal needles.
Wounded and treated with hormone.
Usually placed in peat: perlite or sand and bark.
Bottom heat with Intermittent mist system.
Rooting times may take as long as 3 months.
( extracted from reference in initial post )
Described as process for Hardwood Cuttings: specific to Needle evergreens. Details of influencing factors take up approximately fifty pages of text in Chapter Two.

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