Is this a Ginseng Ficus?

I found this bonsai at walmart today as an indoor houseplant. I believe it is a Ginseng Ficus, correct me if I’m wrong please!

I am also wondering if it’s smart to keep it indoors or not in the Sacramento Area. The moss is not glued and I added a few rocks from my yard.

This could be a ginseng ficus (ficus retusa). There are a couple ficus species that are similar.

You can definitely keep it outdoors in summer in Sacramento. If the tree hasn’t been in full sun, the leaves might burn so you could consider giving it more light incrementally.


I put it outside and gave it partial shade for now! It’s been doing well so far!

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In case you’re looking to repot or work on the tree this year, summer is the best time. I avoid working on ficus between October and February and save most of the work for the summer months.

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the lower part is ‘tiger bark’ ficus microcarpa. the top part usually is drafted with something else. You can let the shoot on the bottom grow and check the leaf shape. I can’t see if the upper branches have the ‘tiger bark’ . My experience, this ‘walmart type’ is that the pot doesn’t have good drainage, double check. And wait for the summer for repotting.