Is this juniper itoigawa?

Hi Jonas, I’m planning to get a new tree for my collection from a seller but am not sure if the tree is Japanese juniper itoigawa as claimed by the seller. I’ll attached some photos from the seller for your reference.

I’ve requested for more recent photos from the seller and still awaiting his reply, thank you :blush:

It’s very hard to tell from a photo, but the foliage does look like itoigawa. The color is slightly yellow and there is evidence of juvenile foliage which are both characteristic of the cultivar.

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Thanks for your input Jonas, will request for more close up photo of the foliage from the seller soon, thank you :slight_smile:

Here’s a close up photo of the foliage, hopefully it’ll provide a better view and whether the juniper is of itoigawa cultivar, thank you :blush:

It still looks more like itoigawa than kishu to me. That said, there can be wide variation within itoigawa, kishu, and other shimpaku which can make ID tricky. The main thing is that a) you like the foliage and b) it has the characteristics you’re looking for like color and compactness.

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Thanks Jonas, I’ve a clearer photo of the foliage below, sorry to keep on bothering you with such a small detail, you’ve been patient with me, thank you :blush:

You’re still on the right track - it looks like itoigawa.

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Thanks Jonas, I’ll go ahead and get the tree. By the way, the owner claimed that the tree is btwn 30-35years old. Will update this post again once I acquire the tree, thank you :blush:

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